Somehow, this year, the kids in the Anoka-Hennepin School District lucked out with an beautiful Spring break!  The weather actually feels like Spring out there. :)  (That didn’t seem to happen often when break was earlier in the year.)  I always think it’s funny how excited they are about getting out of school–but, by the second, or third, day of break–they’re bored out of their minds and looking for something to do.  We thought we’d share, in this blog, a few fun, different, ideas to try if you’re looking for something to keep them busy with.  There are a couple crafts/gift ideas and a few recipes; all are candy and Easter themed–since, it is that time, too.  If you’re looking for something inexpensive, to do, outside of the house–stop in to see us and make a day out if it.  We have an area that is full of 10/1.00 candy for the kids to pick from, we have nuts and nutrition bars too–we even have a cooler full of beverages, from juice, to iced coffee, to energy drinks!  (Iced coffee and energy drinks for you…obviously :) )  Then, it’s just a quick walk over to Akin Riverside Park.  (Take a right when you leave, head to the City Hall parking lot, go down the big staircase and, to your left, you’ll see a pedestrian tunnel–so you don’t even have to cross the street.  When you come out of the tunnel–just keep walking.  The park will be on the left, in about a quarter mile.  There are fishing piers, picnic area’s, a bridge going over the river, a playground, and plenty of places to explore!)

If you’re looking for some at home projects–check out some of these, they’re simple and fun.  (Plus, most of the candy listed in the recipes, you can get here :) )

Jelly Bean Bracelets:

Simple and can be used to learn patterns, or just kill some time after dinner.  The needle does tend to get a bit sticky as you’re ‘sewing’, so have a wet paper towel ready to wipe.

Mason Jar, Easter Garden, Crafts/Gifts/Party Favors:

Perfect for the kids who are at your house this Easter!  We have lots of little bunnies, and little candies that would go perfectly inside.  We like these because they are so easy to customize however you’d like.

Dipped Peeps:

Super quick, and easy–even the littlest hands can help decorate (aka: throw) sprinkles on them.

Homemade, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs:

All right, we don’t carry any of these ingredients in the shop.  (Though we do carry plenty of PB cups. :) )  These seem simple enough, and have easy enough ingredients.  Plus, no stove use–so, it’s easy enough for little helpers to help with, or older helpers to make themselves.

Cottontail Cones:

We knew that our Jellybean, Cotton Candy, would be perfect for something–other than just eating!

Peeps Play Dough:

Okay.  Soooo…we haven’t, exactly, tried this one…BUT, it looks really fun for little fingers, and it’s going around Pinterest like crazy.  I guess, if it doesn’t work perfectly, snap a pic, and post it as a fail?  If it does work, it’s genius.  Either way, we’re pretty much positive that the little ones will love it.  (They love playing in mud, for goodness sake.)

As always, give us a call if you have questions or are looking for anything in-particular–and, definitely post pics of any projects you do over on our FB page.  We always love to see what we’ve inspired!

Check out our latest, and greatest, Easter candies…

Jelly Bean Cotton Candy

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New Easter Candy