We hope that school started off on a GREAT note this year!  As we sat down, in a beautiful. the-kids-are-back-at-school-silence, we started thinking…it seems like pretty much every week we’re blogging about the joys of candy, posting sugary photos and pinning new candy recipes.  Everything we do is all about the sugar!  We are incredibly aware that not everyone eats sugar though.  Maybe you’re diabetic, or have someone close to you who is; or, maybe you are counting carbs or live sugar free–but still get that, occasional, sweet tooth.  Whatever the reason you may be looking for sugar free candy, we assure you that we always have some in stock!  We always keep some chocolates and some hard candies at the shop but, if you need something different (MANY of your favorites also come in sugar free :) ) just let us know ahead of time we will GLADLY track it down and order it for you!  All you have to do is call, or stop in!