Hello! Happy Super Bowl weekend! Normally we don’t care much about the big game–we mean, it happens; sometimes we watch, sometimes we don’t. This year though, with the game being here, in Minneapolis, it’s just everywhere. We can’t ignore it. (We can ignore driving around the Minneapolis area until everyone goes back home, though… ;) ) The excitement, and buzz, around the area is super fun feeling though–that’s for sure!

Anyway, if you’re hosting a party, or heading out to one on Sunday–we’re here! If you decide you need some sweets–either for your party, for the kids, for a potluck contribution, or even for a hostess gift–we’ll be here from 9-4 on Saturday. (Do people still give those? Hostess gifts. We do. Though…we ARE a bit old fashioned…? We just figure that we always love getting gifts, no matter what, so others must too, right!? Right.)

Here’s a quick video tour of the shop. Our treats change all the time (we LOVE that they do; we always love new stuff). We’re a little place–but, we have a ton of heart. Plus, you’ll love the other shopping on Main Street–it’s easy to make a day trip out of Anoka. Check out the Discover Anoka website for more info on what’s around us… www.discoveranoka.com