Hello! Welcome back to the coolest candy shop blog in the Twin Cities! Our last couple of blog posts finished up our 2017 summer crafty candy series. Now that the weather is cooling down a bit, and the leaves are starting to turn, we thought that we thought we’d share one of our favorite, family, walk ideas for here, in Anoka. (We love fall walks. :) They’re so much less sweaty than summertime walks.) This little adventure will take you from our shop, down to the Rum River, next to the waterfall, under the street, through the park, and over to the little playground. If you detour a bit, you can walk over the Rum River, on the long walking bridge. Sometimes, there are even ducks around–so, putting a little bag of corn, or oatmeal, in your pocket to feed them with might be a good idea.  Now, we know that most of the big kids are back at school–but, there are plenty of little kids still out there, around the house, driving you crazy looking for something to do. And, there are plenty of us parents, and grand parents, going crazy looking for something to do with them. So, whether you’re looking to get out during the week–or, prefer to wait until the weekend, this idea might just be for you. :) (Just FYI though, if you’re planning a Sunday visit to our shop at all–we are closed on Sunday’s–so, don’t plan a Sunday visit to our shop. ;) )

We made a quick video to show you right where to go. Enjoy!