Hello! Happy Thanksgiving week. Already. We know. We can’t believe it either. Right after T-Day, we gear up for Small Business Saturday, which is always a fun day for us. We have lots of new folks stopping in to see what kind of candy, and treats, we have on the shelves. Some folks like to pick up treats for the stockings, and boxes of chocolate for gifts–but, lots of others just like to stop in for a quick treat as they shop on Main Street. (Plus, if you have the kids with you–a stop at the candy shop, if they were good while shopping, is a nice motivator for them. ;) )

Today though, we’re going to stick with Thanksgiving thoughts, and pass along a couple of our favorite, and sweetest, ways to occupy the kids after the big meal.

Our first idea is to swing by and pick up some blocks; some candy blocks! These are super fun to try to build with, as well as munch on. Surprisingly, for candy, they actually lock together quite well, too. For under 10 bucks, you can pick up quite a few building blocks to, hopefully, keep the kids busy while you unlatch the belt, and sit back on the sofa. :) (Or, just clean up. The sittin’ back on the couch idea sounds a lot nicer though.)

Our other idea is to swing by and grab the Bean Boozled game. We have the large version, as well as the smaller versions. (We even have, Minions. :) ) This is the game with the ‘gross’ jellybeans. The rules are simple–you spin the spinner and choose the jellybean based on the color in which you land on. There are two different flavors in every color–one good and one not-so-good. If you land on the black bean, you may get black licorice, or skunk spray. (We seem to be unlucky usually and get the bad one. Oh well. Our face cracks others up, at least. :D ) That’s really pretty much it. Some folks like to make up point systems–like, for every good jellybean, you get a point; for every bad jellybean, you lose a point. (If you want to do points, you could always hand out prizes at the end.) When our older kids play, they like to use their technology to record reactions too–sometimes they end up on Snapchat, sometimes, they’re just used to laugh at later. No matter how you play, you aren’t going to do it wrong, if everyone’s having fun.

No matter what you do this Thanksgiving–we wish you a happy one, full of warmth, and thankfulness.