With the first day of October this week, we welcome Halloween to Anoka!  When you set up shop in the Halloween Capital of the World–you better be ready to turn orange and black well before the 31st.  We just caught a glimpse of all of the events they have planned–parades, family events, pumpkin bowling, movie nights, bingo, medallion hunting, costume contests, a carnival, a marathon and so much more!  With all of that, and then some, on the calendar–we suppose you really DO need the whole month to play!  If you’re looking to check out the entire, schedule, of events, click here.  (The entire site full of photos, downloadable schedules, merchandise and more is here.)

As Anoka’s favorite candy store (Like that?  We just came up with it :) ), we were incredibly pleased to hear that the Official Candy of Anoka Halloween is Pearson’s.  (For a super brief history on the company, and their products, click here.  To find their actual, website, click here.)  This will be our first, Halloween in town, so we’re super excited to have some fun!

We can’t wait to see you during October.  We stay open until 6 as of October 1st so you can stop by even later.  See you soon.



Go Google ‘Anoka’s Favorite Candy Store’–it’s us.  For real.  Because Google says so :)


Stop in to pick up an event schedule!

Stop in to pick up an event schedule!