Guess what topic came up in the shoppe today?  (You might not want to, actually :) )  We started talking about the Holidays!  (Roll your eyes, if you must.  We have fun ideas that we can’t wait to play around with though.  Gotta get a jump on it!  Now, I just wish I could do the same with the whole Christmas shopping thing…)  Anyway, yes, we’re still in Fall and we haven’t even made it to Halloween yet–BUT, we get excited easily.  (Could be a side effect of all the sugar ;) )  We’re starting to think about all the ways that you could send candy, and chocolate, to your clients, employees, co-workers, family or friends, as gifts, this Holiday season.  Doesn’t candy sound better than flowers, anyway?  (Don’t tell Main Floral we said that.)  You’ve probably already seen that you can order candy baskets for delivery; however, is there anything else that you would like to see from us?

If you’re thinking about sending a candy basket to a lucky recipient here are a few things to know:

  • Sending a candy basket is JUST as easy as selling flowers and are perfect for many occasions or, simply, just for fun!
  • We, currently, sell them at four price points.  No matter which one you purchase, it will be beautifully put together for presentation purposes.
  • We put each basket together, by hand, as they are ordered.  So, rest assured, your recipient will receive the freshest treats that are made-to-order.
  • You can order online, or by calling us at 763.433.2568.  We love when you call because it makes it much simpler for you if you have questions. (Plus, we just love to hear from you in person.  We’re old-fashioned like that.)
  • We deliver!  If you order early enough in the day–the delivery can even be same day.  (Perfect if you’re a last-minute gift person.)
  • If you prefer to pick up your order, and deliver it yourself–that works too.  Again, if you call us early enough, we can even have it ready that afternoon.

Bottom line–ordering a candy basket is super simple and makes a huge, sweet, memory.  (Really…WHO would forget when a basket of candy showed up at their door!?  Not ME!)

The Golden Ticket Treasure