Not only do we carry candy in the shop–but, we also carry gifts!  (Because candy and stuffed animals, separately, are fun–but, together, they become the total package!)  We carry many Ty products, in store, for you to purchase.  (From sock monkeys, to My Little Ponies, to beanie owls!)
The other day, in the store, we got to talking about sock monkey’s, actually.  (There was one, with some serious attitude, staring at us.  He’s the one pictured below.  We think he just needed a home though.)  As it turns out, some people really don’t like sock monkeys–they think they’re creepy.  I tried to figure out a bit of their history, to see if they have any sort of ‘creepy’ past but, low and behold, I couldn’t find anything creepy.
I did discover, however, that they were a toy which gained a lot of their popularity during the Great Depression.  (Though they had been around for many years before that.)  During the depression, they could be easily made with an old pair of socks, a couple of extra buttons and whatever stuffing was available–even newspapers at times!  Rockford Redheel Socks (a product of Nelson Knitting Mills) became the classic brand of sock heavily associated with the sock monkey and, in the 1920’s, instructions to create the classic monkey were included with every Redheel sock purchase.  (We think that was a genius idea!)
Nowadays, Fox River Mills owns what used to be Nelson Knitting Mills and they still manufacture and sell the classic, Redheel, sock.  They also offer full sock monkey kits as well as directions, right on their website, as to how to make the classic monkey!  (Again, we think that is genius!)  Click HERE to go to their site.
Anyway…what do you think about sock monkey?  Creepy?  Fun?  Have you ever made one?
This guy needs a home.

This guy needs a home.