It’s funny how it works around the shop–in both the floral, and the candy side.  We love when the new stuff comes in–like, LOVE it.  The fresh decorations, new candy, fresh flowers–it’s all just exciting.  And then, as the holiday/season drags on, we just find ourselves over it and we find ourselves ready to pack it all up and move on again.  Anyway…right now–we’re SUPER excited that all the Valentine’s Days stuff is here; BOTH shoppes look great!  Between us, and Main Floral–we are the only places you need to go for all of your gift giving needs.  (Or, just call, or go online.  We’ll deliver everything–gifts, flowers and candy, right to your recipient.  It, honestly, couldn’t get any easier.)

So, like we mentioned above–we’re loving the V-Day stuff right now!  We have gorgeous boxes of chocolates that are completely ready to go, as well as lots of little candies for the kid’s (and, let’s face it, you too).  Speaking of kid candies–when was the last time you had conversation hearts?   They are the ONE candy that as soon as we see them–we KNOW that Valentine’s Day is near.  Remember how fun they were when you were little, too?  We remember picking certain ones out for certain friends, and other one’s for others.  (I, for one, remember in 4th grade, debating endlessly, if I should give my crush the heart that said, “I love you”.  I kept that heart in the pencil tray inside my desk for days before I finally decided to eat it while we watched a movie in class, and I was hungry.)  It was always awesome when someone would bring everyone in class their own box, too :)

Here’s a few of our favorite pieces of trivia regarding those little hearts…

-Each year, Necco makes 8 BILLION of those little Sweethearts?  They are the number one selling, non-chocolate, candy during the Valentine’s Day period.

-Conversation hearts were invented in the 1860s by the brother of NECCO’s founder. These first hearts had printed paper notes tucked inside. The lengthy, old-fashioned sayings, included such wistful thoughts as “Please send a lock of your hair by return mail.”  Can you imagine getting that as a message now-a-days!?  Each year, Necco introduces new, current, phrases on their hearts.  Things like, “Fax Me”, “Email Me”, “Chill Out”, “Tweet Me” and “URA Tiger”.

-For each heart-shaped candy, five letters fit on the top line and 4 letters fit on the bottom line.  But if a W is used, then there are four letters on the top line and three letters on the bottom line.

-Little hearts contain three calories, large hearts contain six.  (In other words, you can eat a lot before they catch up with ya. ;) )  Also, they contain no fat, or sodium.

-The flavors are, as follows: Pink/Cherry, Yellow/Banana, Orange/Orange, Green/Lemon, Purple/Grape, White/Wintergreen and Brown/Chocolate.  

-Each year, JEOPARDY!, includes a Sweethearts conversation hearts trivia question on its show in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

As always–if you are looking for something specific, or just want to get all the V-Day stuff out of the way, give us a call!  We’re here to help!


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