We can’t believe Halloween is just a couple days away.  It seems like it’s been going on for an entire month here in Anoka–oh wait, it has!  It has been so much fun for us, too.  We’ve loved the parades, the fun costumes, all the activities, games and events that have happened.  Next on our list though–FabFest, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  It gets so busy, so fast.  But, with such good shopping all around Anoka, it’s easy to see why!

We know that being a small business, in a small town, we may be a bit biased, but there is nothing like being here and shopping here…

It brings you back to a simpler time when everywhere you shopped wasn’t lit with glaring, fluorescent, lights and bright, white walls.

Each shoppe here is filled with their own, unique, sound, look and feelyou won’t find commercials being blared over loudspeakers trying to get you to buy more, and more, as you start to forget what you went in there for in the first place.

You get personal, customized, service from folks who are typically, personally, invested in the shoppe where you’re at.  They want to be there, they want YOU there, and you’re important to them.  They want a connection and they want you to come back.  Shopping Anoka leaves you with the sense of community that shopping the big box retailers tend to strip you of.

You’ll find conversation with store owners, employees and other customers.  You may wait in line–but, you’ll be waiting to support a small business in a relaxed environmentnot waiting to make a rich, out-of-state, corporate CEO, richer–all while feeling hurried, like you’re nothing but a number.

Shopping Main Street fills you with a feeling of quality and depth, which is how you should feel–especially in the upcoming season.  Too often nowadays, we’re left feeling junky and plastic–it’s really difficult to feel a sense of purpose and spirit during the Holiday’s when you’re shopping the big box places.  It seems like the more we shop big box, the more we have to force the feeling–or, even worse, depend on them to help us feel festive.

One last thing…we promise to NOT be open on Thanksgiving.  We don’t want you to be shopping with us.  We want you home, or out volunteering, or connecting with those you love.  We value family–we value yours, and we value ours.  Being open, and telling you to come shopping for ‘stuff’, on a day that is dedicated to being thankful for all that you have just doesn’t feel right to us.

Bottom line…we’re proud of being a small business, in a small town, on a Main Street.  We bet you can’t find a blog like this one written by a big box, retail store, employee.  You can search the hashtag #RetailProblems, on Twitter, if you’d like to see what they think of their stores, their jobs, their customers, and this time of the year ;)

We can’t WAIT to see you this Holiday season–with smiles on our faces :)