Hello! Welcome back to the best little candy blog in town. :) We’ve been pretty quiet on here lately; mostly because we’ve been pretty busy within the shop! And, not only have we been super busy with all of our summer vacation friends who stop in looking for treats, daily–we’ve also been super busy preparing to MOVE! Yup. You read that correctly, we’re moving! As you may know, we’re a sister shop of Main Floral. So, while we have always had our own little brick-and-mortar location–we’re, technically, still a part of them. Both of us have been so busy, and we needed a bigger space that was more ‘ours’–so, that’s exactly what we found…a GREAT new space! And, since we’re all a team–we’re moving in WITH Main Floral :) It won’t be far away–only about a block. We’re going to be right where the old co-op was, and right across the street from the ice cream shop. In our new building, we’re also going to have a little bistro open up–Mama Jenn’s, All American Bistro. So, flowers, food, and candy–all in one shop. We’re thinking it’ll be perfect–and, completely unique! The only bad news in all of this is that, for the time being, we’re closed. :( One of our walls was actually the entire side of Main Floral’s cooler system and, with that gone, well, half our store is gone too. We’re planning to be back open at the very beginning of September. We have a bunch of our candies over in Main Floral’s shop right now–and, if you’re looking for something specific, just give Main Floral a call, they can definitely help you. Below, we put a video of how to walk to the new shop, from the ‘old’ shop. It’s super easy! And, if you check out Main Floral’s latest blog, you’ll see a few photos of how things are looking right now. It’s messy–but, it’s coming along! We’ll be posting updates here, and on our Facebook page; we can’t wait to announce our grand opening–so, stay tuned!