Hello and welcome back to the blog here, at Sweet River Candy Company!  If you’re reading this–we assume you survived the madness that surrounds Halloween. It was crazy here, in Anoka–back to normal feels nice. :) Now, we’re gearing up for Fabfest, this weekend, which is a shopping event set up to coincide with the deer hunting opener here, in Minnesota. After that, we get moving toward the holidays. For now though, we thought we’d take a minute to pass along a few things you can do with any leftover Halloween candy you may, or may not, have left. From donate, to craft, to save…we’ve got an idea for pretty much everyone. (And, sorry. We chose NOT to include any recipes as to how to bake it into cupcakes and such, only because that kind of defeats the purpose of trying to get the sweets OUT of the house. If that’s what you’re looking for…Google it. There are tons of creative recipes out there.)

Donate to the troops:

Health Partners Dental Clinic will take some off your hands! From November 1st-8th, drop the extras off at any Health Partners Clinic and they’ll send it over to the troops. More info here…


Make a trial mix:

Take the M&M’s, mini Reese’s PB Cups, Whoppers and anything else little and chocolaty, and mix ’em up with some nuts and raisins. You could use this as a snack now, or throw it in the freezer and save it until the warmer months when you may be outdoors a bit more.


Add a little chocolate bar to your coffee instead of your normal cream and sugar.

Make an advent calendar or turn it into a pinata:

These are great if you’re feeling crafty!


Save it for your gingerbread house in December:

Put aside the little stuff, and the colorful stuff and use it to decorate the gingerbread house you’re probably going to make during the holidays anyway.

Bring it to the office:

…and, leave it in the break room (not your desk). It’ll be gone before you know it.

Make a care package:

Send some to a grandparent, a neighbor who might appreciate it, or save a bit for closer to Thanksgiving and hand little packages of thanks to those in your life.


Like we mentioned above…save some until Thanksgiving. if you have people over, put a bowl of treats out on the table or bring some as a hostess gift.

Skittles Painting:

This is definitely non-toxic. :)


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